Emacs: Ace-window

19.05.2019 14:27

Ace-window is a emacs package that makes it easy to jump between “windows” in Emacs, just like ace-jump is a emacs package that makes it easy to jump in a document. Below is my config, it is set up to always listen no matter how few windows, and to use M-o as keybinding.

  :ensure t
  :init (setq aw-dispatch-always t)
  :config (global-set-key (kbd "M-o") 'ace-window))

These are all the default commands and keybindings, the way it works is that you press M-o, then a number will be shown in each “window”, if you press it focus will be moved to it. And if you for example press x before the number it will instead delete that window.

  • x - delete window
  • m - swap windows
  • M - move window
  • c - copy window
  • j - select buffer
  • n - select the previous window
  • u - select buffer in the other window
  • c - split window fairly, either vertically or horizontally
  • v - split window vertically
  • b - split window horizontally
  • o - maximize current window
  • ? - show these command bindings